Branding and Website Design for a Great Dane rescue charity

Daneline International Charitable Foundation

  • Responsive website for Daneline International Charitable Foundation
  • Responsive website for Daneline International Charitable Foundation

Who is the client?

Daneline International have been rescuing and rehoming Great Danes since 1968. One of its founders, Lissi de Figueiredo, received the Lord Erskine Award in 2009 - the RSPCA's top award for work against animal cruelty.

What was the brief?

Daneline was a non-profit organisation at the time, with its sights set on becoming a registered charity. In order to do this, Daneline needed a more professional-looking website, and to take advantage of social media.

What was the solution?

First of all, we had a bit of a domain and hosting mess to untangle. Daneline had various old sites designed by volunteers, each of which had changed the hosting or moved the domain, sometimes overseas, without deleting the previous hosting. As we worked our way through the maze of uncontactable contacts, recovered domains and deleted old hosting, we found that it defaulted back to even older hosts and websites. Several layers of old websites later, we finally got everything stripped back, in one place and under Daneline's own control.

Next, the design. With a brief of, "I really don't like boxes", we found a way to demarcate the different areas of content in a subtle, non-boxy way that pleased Daneline. Using photos of some of Daneline's rescued and adopted Great Danes, playing in an open, grassy field, we created a light and airy site that doesn't feel in any way constrained.

The site is constantly evolving, with new Danes for adoption, rescue stories and Great Dane health advice, together with a memorial 'Rainbow Bridge' area, to remember those furry friends who have passed on.

We strongly suggested that social media should be pressed into service, in order to maximise engagement and fundraising. It was decided that Facebook would be the best venue for this, and Daneline's Facebook page is very active, driving adoptions and donations, as well as other fundraising activitities.

Daneline asked for our help in their application for charitable status, which we were happy to do. We were with them every step of the way, and when charitable status was granted in October 2014, we not only rebranded the website, social media, posters, stationery and forms, but also helped with the complicated application for a charity bank account, and internal I.T. setup of iPads for email, messages, social media and online banking.

Daneline asked our Creative Director, Cerise Reed, to join the Board as a Trustee, which she was happy to accept.

Client Testimonial

“Daneline would like to thank Aardvark Creative, especially Cerise, for their extraordinary patience in creating what we think is an amazing new web site. The understanding of quite a difficult concept was taken on board immediately and they stayed in contact every step of the way. We would recommend Aardvark to everyone who needs any kind of help, big or small, with building a new site. Huge thanks from us all at Daneline.” Lissi de Figueiredo, Trustee
Daneline International Charitable Foundation

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